The environment is a key concern for every one of us today and for our children tomorrow. For this reason we, and everyone we work with, are committed to making a contribution to protecting the planet.

We have drawn up an environmental charter, which is implemented in each of our hotels in as far as is possible, imposing a certain number of actions that, while not so restrictive, can make a real difference.

The environmental actions we have identified would be useless if they were not backed up by a responsible attitude on the part of our guests and of all the people we work with. Our staff have incorporated these actions into their daily routines. Here are a few examples of how we have made the environment our concern:

  • waste management and recycling
  • waste limitation
  • use of more environmentally friendly products
  • energy and water-saving devices in hotel rooms, low-energy light bulbs, motion    sensors for collective lighting, variable flow toilet flush systems etc.
  • suggesting guests only change bed and bath linen when necessary
  • use of 100% natural products for golf course maintenance
  • energy management
  • preventive maintenance policy, regular checks, responsible purchasing etc.

Making a green attitude everybody’s business!