About 5 million French people have hearing problems – some are deaf, others hard of hearing.

In France, 1.5 million people are visually impaired and 60,000 are blind.

In France, about 700,000 people have learning difficulties.

Most of these only have a slight disability and manage to retain their independence.

In France, over 8 million people have a physical disability.

Less than 5% use a wheelchair.

We understand that in the hotel business it is important to welcome everyone. We are also aware that certain, sometimes unexpected, situations can arise when people with disabilities are staying in our hotels. For this reason, we decided to take action and raise awareness among our staff to ensure that inexperience and surprise do not impede our capacity to provide a warm welcome, to make sure our conduct is always caring and professional so that everyone is at ease, and to guarantee an impeccable service to suit everyone’s needs.